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Belize City adventure tour company offering personalize tour services. All of our tours are family friendly and can be done by most age groups. Our most popular tours are as follow: Cave Tubing, Zipline, Altun Ha and Cave Tubing, Xunantunich and Cave Tubing, Cave Tubing and Zipline, Altun Ha and Cave Tubing, Lamanai Mayan Ruins and River Safari, Belize Zoo and Cave Tubing, and Belize Baboon Sanctuary and Altun Ha Mayan Ruins

Some of our triple adventure tours that can be done in one day are as follow: Altun Ha, Cave Tubing and, Zipline - Xunantunich, cave tubing and zipline - Cave Tubing Zipline and Belize Zoo, just to name a few. We also allow you to create your own packages. Let us know and we will let you know if it is possible within a day.

Cave Tubing Atv Belize

Cave tubing and atv Belize adventures is one of the most exciting adventure tours you will ever experience. We also offer several packages such as: jaguar paw cave tubing and jungle trek with lunch, jaguar paw cave tubing, jaguar paw zipline, jaguar paw cave tubing and jungle zipline, jaguar paw cave tubing and jungle atv, and jaguar paw hard core adventures, just to name a few. Kids are welcome to participate in our activities from age 5 and older. We also do free pick up from most location on the mainland of Belize. We are the original Jaguar Paw Cave Tubing and Jungle Zipline and we are happy to serve you.

Belize City Tours - Special Offer

Belize City tours and Belize tours Belize adventure tour company offering Belize private tours. All of our tours are family friendly and can be done by most age groups.

Belize Cave Tubing and Ziplinge - Group of 4+ USD $100.00 per/ person
Belize Cave Tubing and Altun Ha Mayan Ruins - Group of 4+ USD $120.00 per/ person
Xunantunich Mayan Ruins, Cave Tubing, and Ziplinie - Group of 4+ USD $150.00 per/ person


Call: 011-501-633-1213 Reservations are accepted by direct calls and whatsapp only.

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Our group did cave tubing, zipline, and altun ha Mayan ruins from Belize City with this company. Quite an interesting adventure. Our tour guide picked us up at our hotel at 8:00 am, He was very friendly and informative. He was our friend at the end of the day. It was well worth the $150.00.

I recommend this company

Georgia Thompson

We did cave tubing and zipline with this company and it was a great experience.

My family booked Ambergris Caye cave tubing and zip line with this company. I have no regrets booking with this company. We saved a lot of $ because it was far cheaper than our hotel. My family of 6 paid only $85 p/p with lunch, whilst our hotel was charging $220 p/p. We all had fun and our time was well organized by this company. Don’t book through the hotel. It’s a ripoff. Board the 6:00 am to Belize City and they will meet you.
Jaguar Paw Cave Tubing and Jungle Zipline, thank you for a day of fun.

I would also like to recommend our driver ( Floyd ) who took special care of the kids.
With no regrets, I Elvin Trap and family HIGHLY recommend this company

Ambergris Caye Cave Tubing, Zipline, and Xunantunich Mayan Ruins - My friends and I vacationed in San Pedro Ambergris Caye for 3 days and chose a day to do this fun adventure. We stayed at the Ramon’s Village Resort. I love the accommodation because it was clean and the staff were friendly. Ambergris Caye Cave Tubing, Zipline, and Xunantunich Ruins as combination. This was a blast. Our tour guide picked us up at 7:30 am at the water taxi in Belize City and we headed to the ruins of Xunantunich. The tour of the ruins last about an hour. It was a very informative tour. After the ruins, we drove about an hour to the zipline. The zipline was thrilling. Was a bit scared of zipping across a river, but it was fun. The group decided to have lunch after the cave tubing since we had some snacks along the way. We hiked for a few minutes with our tour guide who was also very funny. We entered the caves and our tour guide towed us. It was refreshing and very relaxing. The formations in the caves were very unusual to me, but they were natural formations. After the refreshing cave tubing we had rice and beans with chicken for lunch. It was good too. After lunch we were driven back to the water taxi in Belize City. This was a fun experience and I recommend it to all. Its worth every penny!!!

We were in Placencia for a week and stayed at Maya Beach Resort with my family of 6. We called up this company and booked cave tubing and zipline. The following morning we left Maya Beach resort around 8:00 am and heade to do this adventure. The drive was a little over 2 hours since it was a slow drive. When we arrived at the turn off to the rainforest, our tour guide (Rick) was waiting for us. Rick joined us and off we went. We stopped at an area and the zipline was hidden within the dense rainforest.
We were assisted with our gears and off we went. Our zipline guides told us about fauna and flora of the area. Most of all I loved that they took special care of my 5 years old son. Safety is their #1 priority and we felt safe with them.
After the zipline we drove 5 minutes to the cave tubing park. Rick issued us with inner tubes, headlamps, and life vests. We then started a hike on a trail in the rainforest. As we hiked Rick did presentations on Indian History and Belize Cave Systems. Whilst cave tubing Rick towed us as he pointed formations in the caves. The cave tubing was very refreshing. Most of all we felt like V.I.P. We were well taken care of. Its worth the drive and worth every penny. We highly recommend Jaguar Paw Cave Tubing and Jungle Zipline.

Emma Smith and Family

Cave tubing, zip line, and xunantunich ruins is the way to go. I loved most of all that it was three tours in one day and we were not rushed through the tours. Donald Ramirez is an awesome tour guide and now a friend. We have a blast on all through tours and I recommend this tour. Just board one of the early ferries to the City and Donald will do the rest. You will not regret it. Best you call for last minute reservations. We loved this so much!!!

Just got home from a fun vacation in Ambergris Caye, Belize. Booking an excursion of cave tubing and zip line through our hotel ( Sunbreeze ) was difficult because we were told that they needed 8 persons to dispatch a tour to the mainland. It was only 5 of us in our group. Luckily we met a couple just came in after doing Alltun Ha and Baboon Sanctuary with this company. They told us about the outstanding services they enjoyed. So, we got the company’s phone number and quickly called and requested reservations for the next day for cave tubing and zip line. We were told to board the 6:00 am water taxi to the mainland.
Waking up early whilst on vacation was not fun, but it was worth it. Floyd, our driver was there like we were told. We cruised to the zip line in the jungle and the zip line tour turned out to be fun. We hiked to the cave entrance as Floyd gave us history and being funny at the same time. We free floated through the caves since the river was low at the time. I would do cave tubing again and again. Its so refreshing and relaxing. We also had rice and chicken for lunch. It was well prepared.
Jaguar Paw Cave Tubing and Jungle Zipline, thank you for accepting our last minute reservations and a fun day.


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